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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 22, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> hey, everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, january 22. here's what's happening. parts of our area are cleaning up from a quick blast of snow, moo winter weather is on the way for the weekend. >> a violent holdup at a store leaves a clerk critically injured. fierce flames tear through
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a building leaving hundreds of people homeless. >> let's get weather and traffic with david and karen. >> reporter: we have storm tracker 6 live double can showing we have snow passing through new castle county, delaware. highway 309 and route 13 getting coverage there. down by smyrna there's a little guy. some of these have survived in cumberland county. if you're traveling into maryland there's another there. up until 8:00 a.m. we have a concern either from a light coating of this stuff from untreated surfaces and perhaps freezing drizzle if the temperatures change over into light rain or drizzle. all the counties a minor issue overall. snow totals underperforming in southeastern pennsylvania, most of us winding up with under an inch. using caution on the side streets is all you have to do there the main roads are in good
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shape. bridgeton, estell manor seaville, cape may county, southern two-thirds to four-if ths in delaware. 3 inches down there. as you back to school, you have a full day of class. noon, 39. 42 by 3:00 p.m. that's the high this afternoon we'll get melting underway and hopefully not too much refreezing later on tonight. karen, we have another storm coming at us on saturday morning. i'll have that coming up. >> reporter: we're watching for slick spots the main roads is in good shape. people moving fine, eastbound traffic heading toward i-95. no issues there pay attention
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to the secondary roads the ramps, overpasses and the bridges. this is 43 # at trooper eastbound -- 422 at trooper eastbound traffic heading toward 202. we have a little bit of a shine off to the sides of the road. we have a couple of accidents collegeville, louis road is closed stick to spring mill lane. as we look at the big picture on the majors. no accidents. we see speeds in the 50s you might wants to take it down a notch especially on the area bridges matt and tam they have reduced speed restrictions to 35 miles per hour because of slick areas. >> let's go live to "action news" eva pim -- eva pilgrim in camden county. how is it looking eva? >> reporter: it's looking good. in pennsauken, we've seen 3 or 4
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salt trucks coming by, traffic is moving fine. it's the secondary roads where you may see issues. in pennsauken we have enough snow to almost cover the grass. in cumberland county they got two inches. and crews were out through the night to make sure all the roads the major roads are clear this morning for anybody having to get into work. now, we did spot a little slush on the roads as the crews cleared them last night. this morning the major roads are looking good. >> certain spots are icing up. other than that they have been good pretty good with clearing the roads. the back roads are not that well usually they take care of it in 24 hours. >> >> reporter: and we see another salt truck go by this morning. we did see water on the sides of the road as we were coming in this morning, it was water not ice, though, no issues.
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you've heard karen say over and over again if you see something shiny on the roads it could be ice. you may see ice in the driveways and parking lots. the parking lot was slippery here when we first got out of the truck. use caution and give yourself extra time live in pennsauken, channel 6 "action news." >> let's head out on mobile 6 we'll taking a look at the major roads in center city philadelphia. looking very clear but again the secondaries could be slick. as we look at the roads, there are schools opening on a day you can see them on the bottom of screen and access them at >> and the snow made for some tricky travel in parts of delaware. now the main highways were not so bad but secondary roads in new castle county were covered in snow. deldot crews were out salting and plowing. drivers were out because they
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take it nice and easy. report the weather in your area by tapping the icon mapping the current condition, the app is free for apple and android. the search is on for robbers who shot a store clerk in the germantown section that clerk is in critical condition. katherine scott is live at police headquarters with this katherine. >> reporter: matt, that blee -- employee is 53 years old the police continue to search for the suspect in the case. police were called out to the store it's called prieta market on 1200 east stafford street in germantown. he came in with a white hoodie and ski mask and opened fire. there were several people inside the store including the owner who was behind the counter holding a two-year-old boy.
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the employee was shot in the face and twice in the thigh. police rushed him to hospital in critical condition. police say it is fortunately nobody else was hit. >> it's a very, very small store, very tight contained area in addition to the shooting victim who was in the store there were five other people inside the store including customers, other employees as well as other than and 2-year-old boy who was behind the counter. and the suspect was last seen running west on the 100 block of stafford if you have any information northwest detectives want to hear from you live at police headquarters, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." also developing this morning the mayor of edgewater, new jersey has declared a local state of emergency and closed schools following a raging apartment fire. the flames forced 400 residents from their homes in the jersey
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community. smoke could be seen across the hudson river in new york city. witnesses reporting seeing blue flames indicating gas may have been on fire. smoke and flames forced a family from their south jersey home overnight. this broke out on the 200 block of girard avenue in atco at 1:00 p.m. crews arrived flames were pouring from the floor and spread to the attic. nobody was hurt no word on a cause. >> 5:08. time to turn to david murphy and find out what's in store today and the weekend. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you while most of the region is dry if we go in tight areas to the south there are light snow showers popping in and out of maryland and in through southern new castle county, delaware, aerials farther south closer to smyrna and dover picking it up a bit. some of it is making across the delaware bay into salem and
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cumberland county. it could put down a coating on untreated surfaces and it's possible it could change over to freezing drizzle. all this is expected to be off the board and improving by 7:00 or 8:00. as we look outside we have main cloudy skies later today sun possible. but for now it's gray. the temperatures are cold. everybody a tad below the freezing mark. there's the clouds i should say on satellite and radar. they are pretty thick right now. as we get later into the day we expect them to break up a bit. for the morning rush hour i would use caution. we didn't get snow in southeastern pennsylvania. the worse spots new jersey are # # -- 2 to 3 inches.
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generally speaking this should not be too horrific of a rush hour if you use caution on the side streets and secondaries. 29 degrees by 8:00. 11:00, 34. we'll be in the low 40s, 42 is the high around 3:00 p.m. 35:00 p.m. 38 degrees, anything that is icy on sidewalks and streets will probably start to melt. the next issue comes friday night into saturday morning. this is an area of low pressure that will be starting in the southern states. it does look like what i would term a weak nor'easter. it's uncertainty as is the case a few days out. if it hugs the coast we'll get more precipitation and if it goes out to sea we'll get less. the precipitation type is uncertain because we don't have as much cold air to deal with as neeforts -- neeforts owe
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enor'easters do. 4:00 a.m., it will change over to rain and for most of the morning and afternoon we'll see spotty showers before it changes over to rain. that will depend on how much cold air is in place. some of the models want to have as much as 3 inches of snow before the changeover to rain. that's philadelphia, i'm throwing allentown in there for the heck of it, too 1.7 in allentown, but others saying lesson the euro before the change over to rain. 42 degrees, clouds and sun partly sunny tomorrow, 38. late friday night into saturday morning and early afternoon we have the rain and snow event. it could start out as snow changing to rain. 38 is the high, in any event.
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sunday high of 40 and sun. monday clouds increase, 38. monday into tuesday there's a batch of snow showers not looking like a lot but we'll keep our eye on that especially when we get finished with saturday. next there was an out pouring of grief a new jersey community honors the tragic short life of a new baby girl. >> reporter: we're looking at the schuylkill expressway. people are moving okay. you have to look out for a slick spot or two, how about the schuylkill we'll show you that live when "action news" comes right back. #
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>> 5:14, airport, looks like a couple of people are working on the runways but that's the school clays. [laughter]. -- delays. >> let's go over to karen rogers. the roads are looking good. >> reporter: the roads were treated and that's helping us out. let's go live on the schuylkill expressway. here we are near south street, traffic is moving fine. you can see crusty snow on the sides of the roads the roads are looking good no problems out there. this is the pennsylvania avenue in bucks county you have to watch the on ramps and the turns, you can see the shine on the sides of the roads but the main roads people are moving just fine. the secondary roads, that would be an issue. wood burn road at butternut road
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we have a train stuck on the train track near the woodburn station. we have areas to the south that got more snow, looking in new jersey, 42 northbound at creek road. people are out and moving fine. they are not doing any slipping and sliding. i think the worst of it is getting to your driveway or walking to your car or the parking lot. let's check the report. i was looking at areas the potholes this one english creek avenue at egg harbor township, watch for that. storm tracker 6 live double scan we have snow showers out there right now. they are working through middletown delaware, now into salem and elmer and glassboro and east of millville. watch for this, it is very light out there. it could put a dusting on areas that got more snow than the rest
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of us. residents in pemberton township burlington county came together to remember a newborn police say the child was killed at the hands of her own mother. ♪ >> they held a prayer vigil as browns mills united methodist church. the 22-year-old, hyphernkemberly dovilier gave birth to the child and set her on fire. the baby died. funeral services are set for monday morning. investigators have found the body of two people and the charred remain in a maryland mansion. the fire sparked monday and burned 16,000 square foot mansion down to the ground. it is believed the homeowners and four children were inside at the time. four people were unaccounted for and there's no word on how and why the fire started. a former star came to town and show the sixers how to put
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the game away. he put the game away for good, there's the 3 it is in. eliminating the sixers chance to notch a win which is rare this season. the nets the worse team in the nba beat the third worst team in the nba 98-91. #
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>> happening today conventioner and their spouses are invited to a job fair in delaware in wilmington university in new castle. veterans must provide proof of service. >> reporter: okay. >> reporter: are you ready for the morning commute. this is thursday, that means tomorrow is friday. are you worried about ice out there. let's go out and check the roads. this is the new jersey overview, 55 miles per hour on route 55. heading toward 42. you can seement speeds are
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looking good. we're not seeing speed restrictions on the new jersey turnpike but we are seeing them on the area bridges that's an area of concern as we head out. we're watching traffic between 422 and stowe and route 100 that's construction, dave. >> reporter: on the big board we have the kids dressed warmed with the temperatures below freezing. this afternoon we get up to the low 40s. by 9:00 a.m. 30 degrees, noon, up close to 40. we spend a good portion of the afternoon in the low 40s and high of 42. winds moderate not all that bad. a nice afternoon to get things done. matt and tam. >> new even finds more formaldehyde in ecigarettes than in traditional cigarettes. long term ecigarette users could be up to 15 times more risk for
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cancer than actual cigarettes. actual users said they would not smoke as much or as often as researchers tested. >> mears america's money. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. major job cuts. american express will cut 4,000 jobs company wide. ebay will cut jobs 2400. we're getting a sneak peek at a racy super bowl ad. >> it shows her in a about bikini and taking a bite out of a natural burger during the west coast. >> infidelity is when you lie to your spouse about money. >> when you spend five hundred dollars or more for a purchase.
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>> welcome back, you see mobile 6 out on the roads and the highway, all over the region we've been seeing the same thing which means the main roads are looking wonderful. although there may be slick spots out there. the secondaries may have a coating of snow, but generally speaking looking good for the morning commute. marine experts are looking at a rare shark attack off the coast of florida. the captain was 8 miles off the coast in the gulf of mexico when he felt a bump in the boat. a great white shark grabbed the trolling motor an shook it from side to side. he went back around and went for the same piece of equipment. eventually the shark swam off. >> we have to recognize southwest airlines, they wanted to change their sheets and put something in there lighter that saves on fuel cost. they didn't throw all the seats away. they employed the service of
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this company called loop works they turned 40 acres of leather into these limited edition bags, they are called weekender bags. the products cost up to $250 an i'll send out a link on my twitter page and see if you like it. >> looks like a cool gym bag. >> better than ending up in a landfill. >> a grocery store clerk is shot on the job in the robbery attempt in philadelphia. we have a live reporter on the scene when "action news" comes right back.
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>> developing right now gunfire rings out in a store hitting a clerk and misses a woman and toddler a live report is coming up. >> parts of the area is waking up to a small coating of snow,
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more on the way for the weekend. >> mobile 6 is out checking the roads, the main ones look okay, but look out for black ice possible on the secondaries. >> 5:30, thursday, let's get the latest from david murphy and karen. and matt o'donnell is here. >> 5:30. >> reporter: 5:30, the whole team is here. we have snow down to the south out of the eastern shore of maryland and popping into new castle county, delaware. government, salem, cumberland, picking up some of this. there's a chance it could turn into freezing drizzle. for that reason, the national weather service has a winter weather advisory for a possibility of light coating or freezing drizzle in the counties


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